​Triptorelin Acetate

CAS Number: 140194-24-7

 Formula:  C66H86N18O15

Molecular Weight: 1371.5 g/mol

Method of Analysis : in house

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cetrocetrorelix acetate

CAS Number: 120287-85-6

Formula: ‏C72H96ClN17O16

Molecular Weight 1491.1 g/mol

  Method of Analysis:In House

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Octreotide acetate

CAS Number: 760176-26-9


Molecular Weight: 1079.3 g/mol

Method of analysisUSP

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Buserelin Acetate

CAS Number: 68630-75-1

Formula: C60H86N16O13 .C2H4O2.

Molecular Weight: 1239.4 g/mol

Method of Analysis: Based on: BP

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Alarelin Acetate

CAS Number: 79561-22-1

Formula: C56H78N16O12

Molecular Weight: 1167.3 g/mol

Method of Analysis: In house

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