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To enhance the quality of work and human resource excellence, the training unit of Tofiq Daru Engineering Research Company is engaged in training and development of knowledgeable, skilled and innovative forces in accordance with the goals and strategies of the company. It uses the standard of a quality education management system to continually improve the teaching, learning and human resource development process.
The purpose of the training unit is to improve the quality of work and increase the efficiency and excellence of human resources in line with company goals and strategies.
Achievements: Actions over the past years have led the company to be introduced by Holding as a training and research center among its subsidiaries and many pharmacy, technical, specialized and management courses, strategic management and financial management. Organize the Tofiq Daru Engineering Research Company, which provides excellent learning opportunities for colleagues and is a place for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between all participants.
The unit has so far organized and held NMR, CTD, GMP, GLP courses and clean room requirements, documentation, financial management, intellectual property, international conventions, product development principles, export strategies and more.