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Octreotide acetate

Octreotide acetate

CAS Number: 79517-01-4

Formula:  C51H70N10O12S2

Molecular Weight:  1019.3 g/mol

Method of analysis: USP

:Pharmacology : Octreotide Acetate is the acetate salt of a synthetic long-acting cyclic octapeptide withpharmacologic properties mimicking those of the natural hormone somatostatinOctreotide is a more potent inhibitor of growth hormone, glucagon, and insulin than somatostatin. Similar to somatostatin, this agent also suppresses the luteinizing hormone response to gonadotropin-releasing hormone, decreases splanchnic blood flow, and inhibits the release of serotonin, gastrin, vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), secretin, motilin, pancreatic

polypeptide, and thyroid stimulating hormone



Octreotide is the acetate salt of a cyclic octapeptide. It is a long-acting octapeptide with pharmacologic properties mimicking those of the natural hormone somatostatin

for treatment of acromegaly and reduction of side effects from cancer chemotheray

Storage Condition:Store at a temperature of  2-8ᵒC