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The Anticancer Department began its activity in 2012. It received GMP certification in the field of hazardous active pharmaceutical ingredients for the first time in the country in 2015.

Currently, this department is composed of two sections, namely research and production of anti-cancer drugs. The Research section relies on highly-qualified researchers and a large number of novel synthetic methods. Therefore, validated methods for the production of some drugs such as bortezomib, letrozole, zoledronic acid have been provided by our researchers.


The production section, by employing knowledgeable and experienced experts, and applying high-tech equipment, using proper space and high capacity is capable of manufacturing some strategic drugs under GMP standards. This department constantly makes every effort to update databases and produce new products in order to meet the needs of the country.

Likewise, it is able to set up and produce high-risk active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as developing synthetic methods (know-how) of these products along with the other projects related to this field. Technical and consultancy services are widely offered.


Although the main aim of this department is to satisfy domestic needs, it is very keen on creating new opportunities to enter the global markets, and cooperate with well-known international companies in this field