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TODACO, as a pioneer and the most reputed knowledge based company in research and API manufacture in Iran, is interested and has experience on launching production lines on various pharmaceutical bases with commitment to supply all research needs and technical knowledge of the intended production lines.


Due to the policies of the Ministry of Health and Education of the Iranian pharmaceutical companies to enter the world of competition, in recent years most Iranian pharmaceutical manufacturers (raw materials and medicines) have had to develop and rebuild their production units. Since internationally renowned pharmaceutical engineering companies often charge a high price for design, cost and hand, most pharmaceutical companies in Iran are reluctant to pay such amounts. Therefore, it is essential to have an Iranian company that has the capability and knowledge of "Pharmaceutical Engineering". Therefore, Tawfiq Pharmaceutical Engineering Unit, in line with the experience gained over many years, has also been tasked with helping other companies achieve the ideal quality of pharmaceutical export in addition to upgrading their internal units. Is.
The unit is currently ready to provide engineering services to all pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies.
Conceptual Design,
 Basic Engineering,
Detail Engineering