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Study of peptides, which are very basic components of life, has recently changed into a new active field of research among different scientists.

Involvement of peptides in living organisms’ regulatory mechanism, genetic data transmission, cell replication promotion and many other biological functions means that they have great potential as medicinal molecule candidates. Consequently, research into and production of pharmaceutical peptides has become remarkable objectives in the an advanced field of pharmaceutical technology. Peptide department, which started its activities in 2003 with the support of a European company active in peptide chemistry, produces pharmaceutical-grade peptides including those which are well-established like LHRH agonists, as well as more novel members of these pharmaceutical compounds. Currently, an experienced research group benefiting from a well-equipped peptide R&D laboratory and new production facilities can produce a wide range of peptides for either commercial or academic purposes. Therefore, Tofigh Daru is regarded as the leading peptide manufacturer in Iran.


Regular production of pharmaceutical LHRH analogues for human and veterinary use, up to hundreds of grams

To produce high-purity custom peptides for academic purposes, such as bio-conjugation, cell-penetrating peptides, etc.

To sign contract for joint research on development of new peptides

To supervise research teams for synthesizing, purification and formulation of peptide-based drugs


Quality and Price:

The chemical quality of our products are strictly controlled and conforms with recent US or British Pharmacopeia. Modern analytical instruments and experienced researchers are always available to attain the desired level of quality.

The implementation of cGMP, traceable documentation, a complete set of SOPs and regular inspection by Iranian Food and Drug Organization guarantees the required standards, which are essential to be met for manufacturing according to GMP.

Undoubtedly, working under controlled conditions and utilization of sterile clean room facilities for purification and final steps of pharmaceutical peptide production are significant factors in high quality of our products.

Besides, thanks to low labor costs and a wide range of chemical resources, we offer competitive prices for our high-quality products.