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Continuation of the successful presence of Tofigh Daru in Iran Pharma and Pharmax 2021 exhibitions

For two consecutive weeks, Iran Pharma and Pharmax 2021 exhibitions were held in Tehran, and Tofigh Daru, as the largest knowledge-based and engineering researc..

10/25/2021 1714 read more

Artificial Intelligence Better Than Doctors at Predicting Deadly Heart Attacks

An artificial neural network has been used to accurately predict a person’s chances of dying within a year by analyzing heart scans, even where doctors can find..

6/18/2019 2441 read more

Researchers have found that phosphine could be a pure biosignature and a sign of life where life for..

Phosphine is among the stinkiest, most toxic gases on Earth, found in some of the foulest of places, including penguin dung heaps, the depths of swamps and bogs..

6/18/2019 2726 read more

Genetic Variation in Brain Cell Types May Predict Disease Risk in People

Particular genetic variations in some of non-coding regulatory regions of the geno determine whether or not proteins are expressed in specific cell types in the..

6/18/2019 2686 read more