Fluvoxamine Maleate (61718-82-9)

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The mechanism of action of fluvoxamine as an anti-obsessional agent and as an antidepressant is presumed to be linked to its specific serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine [5-HT]) reuptake inhibition in brain neurons. Fluvoxamine potently and specifically inhibits presynaptic neuronal reuptake of 5-HT by blocking the membrane pump mechanism for neuronal 5-HT reuptake, thereby facilitating serotonergic transmission and decreasing 5-HT turnover. This increases serotonin levels within the synaptic cleft and prolongs serotonergic transmission thereby leading to antidepressant, anxiolytic and antiobsessive-compulsive effects.
Whilst Fluvoxamine has been shown to be a potent inhibitor of the serotonin reuptake transporter in both in-vitro and-in vivo studies, these studies have shown it to have no significant affinity for histaminergic, alpha or beta adrenergic, muscarinic, or dopaminergic receptors. Antagonism of some of these receptors is thought to be associated with various sedative, cardiovascular, anticholinergic, and extrapyramidal effects of some psychotropic drugs, which means that such side-effects should be minimized in fluvoxamine usage.
A feature worth noting is its affinity for sigma 1 receptors. The role of sigma receptors is not very clear but studies in animal models suggest their activation might be involved in cognitive improvement in depression. This is an area of active research.

Storage conditions: Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant containers. Store at controlled room temperature

Packaging: : polyethylene nylon plastic bag

CAS Number:  61718-82-9

Formula:  C19H25F3N2O6

Molecular Weight: 434.41 g/mol

Method of Analysis: Based on: BP


Fluvoxamine is used to relieve symptoms of depressive illness and obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). Fluvoxamine maleate is chemically unrelated to other SSRIs and TCA’s. It is one of 2-aminoethyl oxime ethers of aralkylketones and chemically designated as 5-methoxy-4′-(trifluoromethyl) valerophenone-(E)-O-(2-aminoethyl) oxime maleate (1:1).